Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 24: Support the NUT strike

For the first time in donkey's, teachers wil hold a national strike on April 24. And quite right too. A pay 'rise' that amounts to a pay cut is just not good enough.

We should all offer as much solidarity as we can. In fully intend to write to all of my kids' teachers personally expressing support. How about you go down to you local school and deliver a message to the NUT rep? Or write to your local paper? Or get a message of support sent from your union branch? Or go along and swell the numbers at the strike rallies? Details below ...

  • Central London: March from Lincoln’s Inn Fields 11am, rally at Central Hall 1pm
  • Newcastle: Grays Monument, Midday
  • Manchester: Friends’ Meeting House, 11am
  • Liverpool: Liner Hotel, 11am
  • Preston: Preston North End Football Club, 2pm
  • Bolton: Friends’ Meeting House, 10am
  • Nottingham: Assemble 10am at the Forest, march to Congregation Hall, rally at 11.30am
  • Barnsley: March from Barnsley College, rally at Town Centre Cinema, 9.30am
  • Calderdale: The Traders Club, 10am
  • Derby: Market Place, 11am
  • Leeds: Victoria Gardens, 11am
  • Sheffield: City Centre, Midday
  • Bradford: Bradford City Football Club, 10.30am
  • Lincoln: Turks Head, 11am
  • Leicester: Athena Conference Centre, 10.30am
  • Birmingham: City Centre, 12.30pm
  • Northampton: Guildhall, 12.30pm
  • Cambridge: Guildhall, Midday
  • Oxford: Picket outside Oxpens FE College 7.30am, March to Town Midday, Rally 2pm
  • Windsor and Maidenhead: Thames Hotel, 9am
  • Medway: Command House, 12.30pm
  • Reading: International Solidarity Centre, 10.30am
  • Bristol: March from Castle Green 11.30am, rally at Marriott Royal Hotel 1pm
  • Exeter: Exeter City Football Club, 11.30am
  • Taunton: Rugby Club, 10.30am
  • Dorchester: Town Hall, 10.30am

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