Sunday, April 13, 2008

"From Trotsky to Respect"

Busy today doing chores around my flat. To stave off boredom I checked out what was on listen again on R4 and came across "From Trotsky to Respect" :

"Geoffrey Wall looks at the history of the Socialist Workers Party. He talks to members past and present and asks how well a Marxist party is surviving in the 21st century."

Its a two parter, next one on the 16th.

All interviewed were SWP members and as you would expect were upbeat and positive. The presentation was quite rose tinted and I especially loved the bit where Alex Callinicos spoke of being recruited on the lawns at Balliol.

The next part is covering Respect, which might make more interesting listening. Will we hear from Lenny ?
Will it include non SWPers?

Anyone else caught it?

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