Sunday, March 08, 2009

Homer Hangs On

Stroppyblog's original Wanker of the Week / Friday Fuckwit - Derek Simpson - has crawled back into office as General Secretary of Unite, following a less-than-impressive victory with just 38% of the vote on a woeful 12% turnout. My calculations tell me that means that just four-and-a-half per cent of his members want Derek to be their leader.

Simpson also polled just two-thirds of the votes that he received when first elected in 2002, when he beat Ken Jackson by 89,521 votes to 89,115. Perhaps the better his members know Derek Simpson, the less they like him.

Jerry Hicks came second with 25%, with right-winger Kevin Coyne trailing in third with 19% and some other geezer 1% behind him.

Goodness, makes you wonder what a credible left-wing candidate could have achieved.

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