Monday, August 17, 2009

Good girls and bad, the world of the Daily Mail.

I know, I know, I really shouldn't look at the Daily Mail. I'm like Mary Whitehouse was with sex on TV, just have to look and then be outraged.  But I looked and I went pah !

Yep, it was like being transported to the 1950s, good girls 'saving' themselves for Mr Right. What I'm talking about is the comments in the femail 'agony aunt' column. Now if you think the print version is bad, check out what the readers have to say in the online paper; Frothing Mr and Mrs angry, wittily  signing themselves as from "broken Britain."

Anyway, someone wrote to Rowan Pelling asking whether she should tell her boyfriend she had slept with 40 men by the age of 34 when he was shocked at 10 (she bottled out of telling the truth). 

It goes to the heart of what kind of person you are. I suspect she is shallow, loose and lacks self respect and decency.
I wouldn't touch her with a bargepole.

Darling, I really wouldn't say anything. Nobody likes used goods.

For a man to sleep with lots of women, he needs to be witty, charming, attractive, wear nice shoes, be well-groomed, polite...I could go on.
For a woman to sleep with lots of men, she just needs to be there at the bar.

...if you are Man thinking of getting married you will be hard pressed to find a young (ish) woman in the UK who is likely to have had less than 10 partners, such a person is simply not marriage 'material' as you will surely be faced with a woman who after you have been married 10 years to and given at least 2 children, will turn around to you one day and say 'you're boring' , ' I miss the wild times we used to have ' , 'you are not the same person you used to be'
'I miss going out with my girlfriends and getting drunk and having casual sex with strangers in nighclub toilets', well she wont say that last part, but that is what she will mean, shortly after this she will walk out on you to take up home with a work colleague or your best friend !

Call me old fashioned but I think women and men who sleep around are cheap and nasty and I would have nothing to do with them. To have 40 sexual partners and to have never been married is a matter of shame.

I definitely wouldn't take her home to meet my mother.

If she wants repentance see a priest.

As a male who indeed judges women based on how long their past "hit list" is here is why MOST guys would ask the question.

1) ...guys want as little experience (numbers not skill) in a woman as possible. If a guy can get a girl who's been with 2 guys and learned how to please a Man from those experiences versus a girl who's been with 20 and all else equal, he's choosing the lower tally simply because she's less "dirty". It's just how most guys think.

2) ... some guys actually are selective about who they have sex with and will not tolerate relations with women they consider "loose" , now a loose woman doesn't mean a whore, it could be simply "more conquests than me" a standard , not insecurity.


So for those that think there is real equality, this illustrates the double standards still operating in Daily Mail land  . Women are meant to learn how to 'please their man' whilst off course having as little experience as possible. They are 'dirty' if they have sex too much and with too many people and heaven forbid for fun. There are women that you just wouldn't take home to mother, who of course was a virgin on her wedding day , not.  They are 'damaged goods,' so when did a woman become a commodity rather than a person. Seems men want to have their fun and then find some woman that will be impressed with them, not have any ideas herself re sex and certainly not challenge them. 

Of course this is the same Mail that forever has men whining in the comments that their nice wifey isn't interested in sex (without ever wondering their role in that).  Hmm, well if you are that judgemental and have such reactionary views about women liking sex, and even having it with people before you, is that any wonder?

Bollocks to that.  Have they thought that not all women want the white dress, boring domesticity and are not grateful in the least to be taken off a "shelf "by some bloke that  belongs in the 1950s? Like it or not, women like sex as much as men and if they have lots of it with many people then so what ? Some actually prefer men, or women, that do not judge and are not so insecure in their sexuality to be threatened by women who like sex and know what they want.

I'll leave you with a quote from Mae West :

"When I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better!"