Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why stroppyblog

I'm generally disillusioned with the left and its lack of any real commitment to a principled position on women , lesbian/gay/bisexual and transgender people or any real equalities/discrimination issues. Going on the recent anti war demo it felt like the 1980's all over again . I marched behind the Outrage banner and overheard some people laughing at a gay group and even calling people 'poufs'. I was told that I shouldn't criticism the 'resistance' on its record of killing lesbian and gay people , and that their deaths were 'unfortunate'. Apparently it will all get sorted out once the occupiers are repelled . Right and the tooth fairy really exists!

The pro war left are not much better, arguing in a recent Harry's playground thread that yes there are homophobic killings but it wasn't any better under Saddam. That's irrelevant, two wrongs don't make a right. Criticism of the current situation does not imply praise of the old.
The recent thread on feminism, also in HP, brought out the reactionary attitudes to women .Apparently we all want to stay at home having babies and feminists are ugly hairy legged dykes. As I say it felt like reading a headline from the Daily Mail circa 1980.

So I wanted a place where I could argue my case, hopefully intelligently, and sometimes just rant !

I would like an informed discussion and debate. Failing that if I piss off people who I feel deserve to be offended then my life has been worthwhile. Particular people to annoy would be the schoolboys whose arguments on male left blogs (MLBs) veer from telling women they should criticise Prescott for sexist behaviour( thanks for telling me, being just a girlie I might not have noticed that) to lefties who tell me that I am distracting from the real issues ( that would be the Euston Manifesto then, debated by the rarefied species of left male bloggers who need to get out a bit more) , those that say feminism has been won ( of course it has, it was always about the right to buy Manolos and watch lapdancers) and of course the religious reactionaries who want to impose their views on what is right and wrong.

So Myself and Louise have set up this blog. Louise will say her bit later about why she wants to blog.