Sunday, September 16, 2007

Must get out more

Not been posting for a while. Lazy .

I thought blogging was sad enough until I found myself chatting with Kit, on facebook ,on a Sunday evening. Not that Kit is sad, weird but not sad. Nope, it was the fact the subject matter involved Denham ,Zionist fishnets,small dogs and stroppy women .

Date for the diary , there is a piss up for leftie bloggers who want to venture off the web and into the semi real world of a pub full of social misfits.
Saturday 6th October, 'The Euston Flyer', Euston . Starts 4pm.
All welcome.
There will of course be a delegation from Dolls4Jim.

Oh and if you turn up I'll tell you the story that involves chihuahuas, disturbed schoolboys and Jim Denham...