Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Off to Brum

No posts from me for a day or two. I am off to Birmingham to have a night on the tiles, or in a tatty pub more like, with Denham and Volty.Or as Punchie puts it the 'unwashed' and "social inadequates and weirdos". Rather that than tossers like Punchie who states :

I have never have dated anyone Left and frankly I’d rather spend time with a complete Barbie doll with nothing to say that somebody who is just a left reformist. I don ’t know why having politics a little similar to yours is annoying but I suppose I find the ‘sell out’ aspect of their capitalistic politics more annoying than say having some space cadet bend my ear about the ‘healing properties of crystals’ (as happened recently). Maybe there is a Rosa Luxembourg out there for me somewhere though.

When I return I'll do a post responding to Public School PR Punchie and his usual brand of sneering at those who just aren't feminist or revolutionary enough for his liking.But I'll stop now and save it for later.