Thursday, November 22, 2007


Been very busy so not got round to blogging the last few days so this is old news !I went to the LRC conference last Saturday. I won't write much as its been well covered elsewhere.I intend to get involved with the Women's Left Network but must admit I am not quite as upbeat as others about the LRC and staying in the Labour Party. I'm probably just getting more gripey and cynical as I get older and I was never an optomistic little ray of sunshine at the best of times.

Congrats though to Louise, Tami , Marsha Jane, Susan and Mary for getting elected to the LRC National Committee. That is a reason to be positive, a load of leftie feminist women who won't just sit quietly while the men talk bullshit.Good to meet Susan as well and have a few drinks with her after.

For now I will stay in the Party, get involved in campaigns, try to set up a regional LRC with Jon R and help with the Women's Network. I have yet to see the light and want to join Respect Renewal. Sorry, not convinced. So staying put.