Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Government U Turn on Clause 124

I was so pleased to see the governments u turn on Clause 124 today this would have been a huge step backwards and is a victory for the safety first campaign and all those who have been campaigning in the last few months so well done all!
Stroppyblog has had many posts on issues surrounding prostitution I couldnt possibly link to them all so for previous stuff click on the prostitution label :)

John McDonnell released this press release earlier this evening.
Labour MP welcomes Government’s u-turn on punitive prostitution plans

The announcement that the government is dropping plans to introduce compulsory rehabilitation for prostitutes and the threat of imprisonment is a great victory for the vibrant lobby led by the Safety First Coalition opposing these draconian measures, demanding that women’s safety is put first.

Clause 124 would have introduced compulsory rehabilitation for prostitute women, requiring anyone arrested for loitering or soliciting to attend a series of three meetings with a supervisor approved by the court. Failure to comply would have resulted in a summons back to court and a possible 72-hours imprisonment.

This decision will mean that thousands of women have escaped potential imprisonment.

John McDonnell MP says:

‘I welcome the government’s announcement today and hope that it signals a future approach towards prostitution underlined by welfare measures rather than criminalisation, putting the needs and safety of prostitutes above the desire for moral condemnation.’