Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chaos and reasons to be cheerful...

I have not been about much on the blog; dealing with chaos in my flat. Long dull story but suffice to say its not been conducive to blogging .I can't find things, my computer is not in its usual place and everything is upside down (well not literally!).

I have escaped to the calm of Dave's flat in Hackney.Tomorrow I will post up the sex survey results .

Today I'm contemplating this cheery thought :

The biggest lows of our lives are experienced in middle age, according to new research that concludes that Britons are at their most depressed aged 44.

Scientists believe that although we are closer to death as pensioners and powerless in youth, it is the "reality check" years of our 40s that are the most depressing

Many previous studies had suggested that psychological well-being remained relatively constant as we aged but the new research discovered that for both British men and women the probability of depression peaked at about 44 years of age. In the US, unhappiness reached a peak at about 40 years of age for women and 50 for men.

Yep,I'm 44 today.

I plan to grow old disgracefully ;-)

I am not going to start acting my age, buy clothes because they are practical or have hair that is 'appropriate' for my age and if I ever start to listen to Dido please take me out and shoot me.

Now where did leave that bottle of JD.

The badly behaved drama queen Courtney ...