Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jim Jay and men on the moon

I'm not sure what sparked this off, perhaps too much time on his hands this week as he is on leave, but Jim Jay has put up a poll as to whether men have walked on the moon.

Jim seems a little irritated by the conspiracy theorists :

Look, I'm sick of this - men have been to the Moon and come back to tell the tale. No - it does not make you radical to deny this.

I know I have no personal evidence that this is the case - but it is. Accept it! This is conspiracy theories gone mad for Goodness Sake. You don't have to question everything that's ever happened you know, you really don't.

I'm posting up a poll (see right hand column), to close the last day of the month, asking readers "Have men walked on the Moon"? Do not disappoint me readers.

I'm not putting a don't know option either because you blooming well do!

Now for some reason, even though I am sure men have walked on the moon, its very tempting to vote no. Just to be annoying and silly and because he is beating me at facebook scrabble. I urge you all to do the same!

Pic pinched from Jim as I'm being lazy today re blogging.