Tuesday, July 22, 2008

blog roll

When I get a bit of time I plan to update the blog roll and look to generally tart up the site . I'd quite like to learn how to design websites. Anyone know of any good shortish courses ?

Right, a few blogs to highlight (and to add to the side bar roll soonish!):

First off a view from the US , 'Godless Liberal Homo'. I had to give him a link for the name alone .

Another US based blog, "Inveresk Street Ingrate" ,from the "The only living SPGBer in New York." Darren's blog is a mix of pop culture, books, film posters (not sure why he has pics of them but its something I collect so like it), football (ugh) and the occasional bit of politics.

Another blog I keep meaning to add is RandomPottins. Charlie is one of my facebook scrabble mates .

Some lefty women blogs :

The Left Women's Network , the women's section of the LRC.

Feminist Fightback,
who are doing some good direct action around the RMT cleaners strike.

Next is Infantile and Disorderly, another great blog name.I met Vicky after a Hopi social and she was swigging neat vodka from a bottle. Straight away I knew we would get on :-)

Finally a green blog , 'Aled Dilwyn Fisher’s Blog.'Self explanatory really!

Please let me know of any others and I really will get round to a proper update soon.