Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update on the Italian comedian who insulted the Pope

A few days ago I posted on the story of how an Italian comedian was facing charges for insulting the pope as he was deemed by law to be "sacred and inviolable." Thanks to New Humanist blog I can update you on this :

the Italian Justice Minister, Angelino Alfano, has decided to block the case saying he has "decided not to authorise it, knowing well the stature and capacity of the pope for forgiveness."

The Vatican has backed the Minister's decision, as a spokesperson explained to an Italian news agency:
"The justice minister's decision was wise. The Pope's authority is far too superior to be dented and, in his magnanimity, he considers the case closed."

So its all down to the Pope being magnanimous and forgiving.

Doesn't he feel a teeny bit bothered to be a beneficiary of a law which suppresses free speech and is part of a treaty agreed by Mussolini to allow the Vatican to remain a state?
Pic : Mussolini with Pope Pius XI .