Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Brown "Putting the band back together"

A Labour source said yesterday: "We are expecting Alastair to return for next June's elections and to work on the general election. With Peter Mandelson back on board, we are putting the band back together."

Yep, first Draper, then Mandelson, rumours about Blunkett and now a guest spot from Campbell.

All that is missing is Brown's Glimmer Twin, Blair.

As with all good, and bad bands,expect lots of fall outs if not trashing of hotel rooms . This comeback is after all more Spice Girls than Led Zeppelin.

Update : On the reunion front some good news, Dire Straits are not reformimg. Before Dido and James Blunt, back in the old days I really hated that band. Sultans of Swing...arghhhhh...