Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lying about books you have read to get into someone's knickers

A survey states that :

Nearly half of all men and one-third of women have lied about what they have read to try to impress friends or potential partners, a survey suggests.
Men were most likely to do this to appear intellectual or romantic, found the poll of 1,500 people by Populus for the National Year of Reading campaign.
The men polled said they would be most impressed by women who read news websites, Shakespeare or song lyrics.
Women said men should have read Nelson Mandela's biography or Shakespeare.

Among the 1,500 who took part in the research were 864 teenagers.
About four in 10 of the 1,500 said they had lied about what they had read to impress friends or potential partners - 46% of men and 33% of women.
Among teenagers, the figure rose to 74%, with most saying they would pretend to have read social networking pages or song lyrics.

One in five adults said t
hey would read their chosen material whilst waiting for their date to arrive in the hope of making a good first impression.

Hmmm. How wide is the definition of reading in this survey ?Are song lyrics or facebook the same as reading a book or paper ? Does reading a bus timetable count ? I know someone who reads my shampoo bottle labels ,and then asks what the fuck is gru gru,  very annoying .
Oh and a grumble about the survey. It seems from the article to assume people are heterosexual, looking at what impresses men about women and vice versa.

OK, apart from being pedantic , this got me wondering about the readers of this blog . Now I know from the Stroppyblog  Sex Survey you can be a little, ahem, different. The whole theory as foreplay showed  reading got some of you turned on, as the responses below illustrate:

Dirty talk, theory as foreplay...

Marx - The second volume of Capital (9.8%) 5
Ernest Mandel's Late Capitalism (7.8%) 4
Weekly Worker (11.8%) 6
A Trade Union rule book ( 7.8%) 4
How many people were on the last anti war demo (7.8%) 4
Was the Soviet Union state cap or degenerated workers state. (35.3%) 18
Swearing al la Will (13.7%) 7
None of the above, that’s too kinky for me. (31.4%) 16
So, have you ever lied about what you have read in order to get into someones knickers ? 
What would impress you ?
And have you ever lied or embellished to score points when chatting to other comrades?