Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scottish Palestine Demo

Photo by Eddie Truman

Fantastic demo todayin Edinburgh, I would estimate between 8,000 and 10,0000. It was a vibrant march, marching to the American embassy where some shoe chucking, a young member of the SSP threw a shoe which did hit a police man but she was contrite and cried a bit so was a llowed to go without being arrested, thankfully. I think the shoe throwing bit could have been orgnaised a bit better because unless you were a olympic shot puter to throw the shoes so far and high, anyway a couple of police officers were hurt but there were no arrests. You can read the BBC report here

There are more photos here

After the American Embassy we marched to Princes Street Gardens for the rally.

SSP had a good prescence - lots of banners, comrades and placards. Great day! The anti-war movement is till there and ver angry about what is happening in Gaza.

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