Friday, March 20, 2009

Fuckwit Friday

We missed Friday Fuckwit last Friday - there was too many to pick from I suppose.

This week out of the plethora of fuckwits, I would like to propose Pastor Fred Phelps, of Topeka, Kansas.

If you follow Louis Theroux' documentaries of weird and wacky people you might of come across Pastor Phelps - he and his kin stood on the streets with placards such as "God hates fags"

Looks like Kansas has got too small from Fred - he's coming to London to campaign with his homophobic placards and banners, he is threatening to picket outside a Waltham Forest primary school because it was celebrating LGBT history month. The school used a book about two gay penguins to demonstrate that people of the same gender could have loving relationships with one another.

However Pastor Phelps is banned from entering Britain in order to stop him spreading "extremism and hatred". He had intended to picket a play about a homophobic killing.
A message on the group's website announcing their plans said: "God hates the UK and the school fag tyranny, where conscientious parents face religious persecution for withdrawing their children from lessons on lying fag so-called history." Read more here

So Freddie Fuckwit - you bigoted intolerant fool you can feck off - Britain has enough bigots and homophobes without you ading to the toxic soup.

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