Thursday, May 28, 2009

Expenses - Same old Tories

The whole expenses malarkey has shone a light on the fact that scratch the surface and the Tories are as they always have been, arrogant and distanced from the reality of most people's lives.And yep New labour is also bloody disgusting, but Im bashing Tories today and others have covered this as I said earlier.

Moats, Duck Islands and now :

A Tory MP has agreed to repay £20,000 in tax and mortgage payments, much of which was claimed from public funds towards servants' quarters in his home.
Sir John Butterfill said he was given incorrect advice about what he could claim for a section of his house, later sold for £1.2m, occupied by a gardener.


"The one mistake I made was that in claiming interest on the home, I didn't separate from that the value of the servants, or the staff, wing.
"And I claimed the whole of that and the whole of the council tax relating to that," he told Newsnight.
"I cleared that with the fees office at the time. I wasn't told I needed to separate out the part of the house that was being occupied by my gardener and his wife from the whole house.

Well shouldn't every home have servants quarters ??