Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yvonne Ridley - founder of the Mahmoud Admadinejad fan club

Well some socialists are doubtful about the demos in Iran, but are still a bit mealy mouthed about Mahmoud Admadinejad...well he does hang gays from lampposts, deny the holocaust and oppress socialists, trade unionists and women but but but he *is* anti imperialist and so those Iranians will have to just suck it up for the greater good.

Well Yvonne Ridley goes further, cheerleading and no such qualifications (though how socialist it is to send your daughter to a private boarding school I'm not sure , but hey lets not quibble). Here she is swooning over Mahmoud Admadinejad:

I’m quite a fan of Mahmoud Admadinejad who is adored by the common man and woman in Iran. Anyone who vows to narrow the gap between rich and poor can’t be all that bad… unless you’re one of the rich!

Yeah viva the Theocrats, viva Basij!

Hat Tip HP

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