Monday, November 02, 2009

Make-Up and Contraception

Queueing up at the doctor's this morning, I saw a poster the text of which was something this:

Most women know 20 different types of make-up ... But only two types of contraception ... [smaller print] There are lots of types of contraception as well as the condom and the pill, and more on the way.

This was accompanied by pictures of various lipsticks, blushers, mascaras etc.

Now, was I just feeling over-sensitive this morning, or is this actually patronising, sexist tosh?

I don't claim to be "most women", and fully accept - with pride, indeed - that I probably know less about make-up than most men, let alone most women. But most women I know, however many different types of lippy they are familiar with, know very well that there are more than two types of contraception. This poster, sadly, perpetuates the idea that unwanted pregnancy is simply the result of women's ignorance.

I would love to know what research formed the basis of this poster's claim, presented as it is as a statement of fact.

Disappointing, the publisher of this poster is the Family Planning Association, which has done some good work and is often condemned by opponents of sexual and reproductive freedom.

It may be a minor matter, but in this case, it has let itself, and women, down.