Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Fuck you I wont do what you tell me"- Rage against the Machine beats the X Factor winner !

Good to see the campaign to get RATM to number one succeeded, with a fuck you to bland X Factor manufactured production line pap pop.

Oh and Shelter also benefits, so win win :

... a Facebook group called “Rage Against the Machine for Christmas No 1” quickly transformed itself into a major grassroots protest against the X-Factor attracting more than 980,000 followers. The campaign took on an increasingly anti-corporate and pro-social justice tone with followers encouraging each other to donate to the homeless charity Shelter which received £65,000 in public donations. Rage Against the Machine also lent their support to the campaign, promising to donate their royalties to Shelter and to play a thank you gig in the UK next year if the campaign was successful.