Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Living It Up at Your Expense

The fat cats are at it again. This time it is Network Rail big cheeses.

Faced with the questionable need to discuss exactly how to chuck 1,500 maintenance workers on the dole, they thought the best place to do this would be a five-star hotel.

Obviously, the reason they have to sack all these workers, putting passenger safety at risk, is because they can't afford to carry on employing them. But, equally obviously, they can afford to pamper themselves.

After all, comfort and opulence for deserving fat cats is far more important than the trivial matters of workers' livelihoods or safe railways.

The Network Rail board will meet tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd December) at the Langham Hotel, which describes itself as "a sublime choice among London luxury hotels", offering "impeccable 5-star luxury accommodation" and "the epitome of elegance and poise".

Netowrk Rail is the government-subsidised, "not-for-profit" (ha ha) company set up to replace Railtrack, when even the privatisation fans in government decided that Railtrack was killing rather too many people. Obviously, when company bosses are not allowed to make profits, they simply spend the money on treats for themselves instead!

Of course, any union leader tempted to condemn this should first ensure that they are not open to similar criticism.