Sunday, January 10, 2010

Belated Friday Fuckwit(or Sunday Sinner?), Iris Robinson


OK, belated Friday Fuckwit. Been busy, well not really. Couldn't be arsed , hibernating from the snow.
Anyway, Iris Robinson , Friday Fuckwit.

First off can I say that I do take mental health issues seriously. Depression, not just a bit sad or down, is bloody awful. I have worked with people with it, I have had friends who struggle it and I had a father whose life was literally destroyed by it.
OK, just wanted to get that out of the way.

I also don't wish it on Iris. BUT, she is still a nasty hateful reactionary intolerant thoroughly bigoted individual. Just now she is a depressed nasty hateful reactionary intolerant thoroughly bigoted individual. Check out an earlier post where I highlight the role of 'treatments' and intolerance on the lives of LGBT people and the effect people like Iris can have on their lives and mental health.She happily added to an environment that makes LGBT people feel depressed, isolated and wary of living their lives in the open. Yeah, we have civil partnerships, but we still have this crap from Iris and various other hateful people, often justified by religion. What about their depression Iris, did you care ?

Then the news breaks that the woman who once said she was a "simple housewife " is rather more "Desperate Housewife," showing a flair as a budding female Ronnie Wood , though her penchant being cafe owners rather than cocktail waitresses.

Now I really don't care what people do sexually as long as its consensual between adults , they are honest and respectful to each other. What pisses me off is hypocrisy, lecturing others about sin whilst partaking off some forbidden fruit themselves. They must know they will get caught out? Surely if they believe all this stuff, and expect others to live a sin free life, they realise that goes for them as well? Do as I do ?
As well as the double standards in sexual conduct, there appears to have been some questionable practices re setting up the bit on the side in a cafe .

Tut tut tut.

Iris is not the first, and won't be the last, to be shown up as a hypocrite.This is a long and fine upstanding tradition of god bothers.When will they learn...or perhaps when will they learn to be less judgemental and concerned about other peoples sex lives.

So the year has got off to a good start with the downfall of a bigot.I'm hoping now for a few more to get caught out. Wish list , well for a start Sarah Palin found in a lesbian threesome S/M bondage session, wielding a whip shouting hell yeah. Tony Blair found frequenting a fetish website where people share their fantasies of being beaten by Maggie and her handbag, screaming oh yes yes yes. Oh and some Catholic Priests caught fucking the choirboys and girls...oh yeah, that's a bit last year isn't it.

Meanwhile what of the future for Iris? Well she has had to resign her political positions and been expelled from the DUP. Will she use this time on her hands to reflect on the complexity of human nature and sexuality? Will she be more caring and compassionate towards others and less judgemental? Will she reflect on the emotional pain caused to LGBT by bigotry ?
Nah, my bet is that after a suitable interval she will publicly repent, probably via talk shows and newspaper interviews. She will espouse how her faith in God has helped her to be a better person and that she is now a good and faithful wife .
Perhaps the Psychiatrist she knows who 'cures gays' has a sideline in adulterers and she can pop along and turn her faithful.

Let us hope she takes on board he who is without sin cast the first stone, and lay off Lesbian and Gay people.

Or in Stroppy language ...shut the fuck up !