Thursday, February 18, 2010

SWP Split

Ok, far be it from Stroppyblog to provoke the ire of our readers by ignoring serious developments in politics. So I guess we can't leave unmentioned the mass resignations from the SWP. This letter spells out why John Rees, Chris Nineham, Guy Taylor and various others are jumping ship - something about Lindsey German not being allowed to go to a meeting, apparently.

I'm still at a loss to tell the political difference between the leadership and the 'Left Platform'. I suspect there is very little difference, and that the factional split has more to do with the SWP's failure to account politically for the Respect disaster, therefore allowing personal resentments to shape the party's line-up. Moreover, there is, of course, the SWP's notoriously intolerant internal regime, and it is little surprise that the trigger for the split has something to do with Newcastle, where their local regime is notoriously awful.

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