Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Oh no, a re run of Kylie's arse and gorgeous George

Anyone remember the very heated Kylie's arse debate ?

Well the gorgeous one is again showing his appreciation of women in lingerie , this time their role in helping the success of big business:

In knick of time for M&S
Danni in M&S knicks and pyjamas as part of the new advertising campaign will surely help the store. Alongside the past adverts featuring Twiggy and Mylene and my favourite - Noemie Lenoir - the ad campaign of the high street warhorse has begun to get it back on its feet.A good thing too. Their food is ace, their underwear terrific value. But their ads are marvellous. Take a look here and on YouTube.

Coming soon, Galloway advertising M&S ? Press TV not paying enough, might soon need to supplement the loss of an MP's wage ?Still i'm sure his fan club can squirm around and find a good reason for such an inane blatant bit of promotion for a large capitalist corporation that sells Israeli goods (isn't he for a boycott?).

Hat tip Vicky on Face book.