Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who's Not Normal?

Conservative candidate Mr Philip Lardner has been suspended from the Tory Party for writing that gay people are "not normal". Mr Lardner vows to fight on as an independent in defence of his right to be a bigot in defiance of all this modern, tolerant, heathen, politically-correct nonsense.

Despite the Party suspending Lardner, this proves, if proof were needed, that the Tory Party is still a party that attracts homophobes. Just when David Cameron was hoping we had forgotted Chris Grayling's 'off-message' view that B&Bs (Bigots and Boneheads?) should be allowed to turn same-sex couples away.

I also sniff a little double standard. Mr Lardner is a Scottish Tory. That, surely is "not normal".

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