Friday, June 18, 2010

Absence from the blog

Apologies for not blogging or commenting here for a while.

I'm facing redundancy, and to be honest I'm pretty preoccupied with that at the moment.

Lots is being said by the Con Dem Government on the pain we are all having to face to clear up the mess of the bankers . Thing is, its not the bankers who are making sacrifices for some mythical good of the country , its the public sector .

Did I miss something; did nurses or doctors or housing workers or social workers or teachers cause the recession ??

Nope, yet we public sector workers are the ones being made the baddies . Take a look, if you have a strong stomach, at the Daily Mail with its stories of how privileged we are. Hmm, I never received a bonus in my life, yet alone a six figure sum, that encouraged me to take mega risks with the economy.

Have I been paid much much more than someone in the public sector? Well, most of these stories do not take like for like. A previous partner , who did work in the city, once told me the sort of work I was doing would be rewarded with about triple the salary if I was in a private company. OH and his pension and redundancy package was every bit, and more , as good as mine .

Yep, Chief Execs are paid well, but look down at the bottom of the salary rung. The support workers helping people , the old for example, lead an independent life . Those who work with the homeless , those with a learning disability, mental health problems and many more. Check out those salaries , less than £20,000 , and then gripe about their pensions .

Pensions, yep, gold plated handed on a plate to us aren't they? Well no, I large whack comes out of my wages every month .

Thousands of public sector workers will be losing their jobs . This will impact on the economy in benefits and money not being spent , as people tighten their belts. Where exactly will the mythical private sector jobs be exactly ?

Those who talk of cuts cuts and more cuts, of sacrifice , will not be effected really.

I don't have inherited wealth to fall back on, and that was not because my parents were lazy. Far from it, but illness meant we did not have money . Not quite the case with much of the Cabinet .

I have worked bloody hard all my life , and now worry what will happen if I can't pay the mortgage . I'm fucked if interest rates rise majorly.

I'm luckier than many, I have a redundancy package that means I'm OK for about 6 months max. But then what, as more and more workers join the dole , competing with me for the few jobs there are?

What happens to those without a payout . with mortgages to pay ? More repossessions and homelessness?

Many will have been on short term contracts or only with a year or two behind them, no payout for them.

So yeah, real life getting in the way a bit.

Still, in a few weeks more time for blogging. A silver lining!