Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In the footsteps of local rebels

Plug for a walk by David Rosenberg this weekend . I have been on one of his others , and recommend him for an informative and enjoyable guide walk .

Here are details of his latest :

The dramatic history of struggles by matchgirls, dockers, suffragettes and rebel councillors, in London’s East End, will be retraced and celebrated in a new two-hour guided walk, taking place for the first time at 2.30pm on Sunday September 12th.
“The Spark of Rebellion in Bow and Mile End” has been devised by writer and educationalist David Rosenberg, who currently leads two other successful historical tours, for adults and young people, around Spitalfields and Cable Street.
David says: “In 1888 and 1889 matchgirls, dockers, tailors and gasworkers in East London went on strike for a living wage and better conditions. In the early 20th century, East London suffragettes campaigned very courageously, and in 1921 local councillors went to prison rather than levy unfair rates. On the walk I weave together the common threads of their struggles and highlight the inspiring individuals who played such an outstanding role in these events. There are many important stories that deserve to be told.”
The fee for the walk is £7 (£4 unwaged) and details of the meeting point are available on booking, which can be made online at

Check out the website for details of his other walks , “The Radical Jewish East End” and “Anti-Fascist Footprints”.