Thursday, December 09, 2010

Student protests

I wasn't able to go on the demo today due to having to work on job applications that may lead to me earning enough to live on again. This had to take priority, alongside being available for any temp work that may come up. Dwindling redundancy money and a mortgage tends to focus the mind.

I do hope that the coming months will see an increase in action against cuts to public services , which has already started in some areas . This must be the start of building a united fight against all cuts .

I notice some Lib Dems and the odd Tory voted against the Fees increase ,including standing down from their Government positions. Clegg and Cable though were still defending the indefensible .Clegg may say he has nothing to be ashamed of, but it seems his colleagues are finding it harder to justify their actions , shying away from the real reason of power at any price . Hopefully they will get hammered at the local elections .

There was though cause for celebration.Watching BBC News 24 I was amused that there was much relief that although Prince Charles and Camilla got their car kicked, they still arrived unflustered to the Palladium and the show started on time. Phew, that makes up for the vote .

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