Monday, February 08, 2010

"Women against Fundamentalism" are a nutty group ...apparently

According to Islamaphobia Watch.

Yeah, listen to the male community leaders instead boys, rather than women who have fought in their respective religious communities for the rights of women. A group who campaigned alongside Southall Black Sisters , stood up to men who shouted them down when they dared speak out against censorship, who screamed at them on demos saying they should be at home when they dared speak out about the Fatwa on Rushdie.

Shame IW had to stoop to the level of insults such as cranks and nutty, used by men to dismiss women who are a bit uppity . Hey boys, why not go the whole misogynistic hog and ask if she has PMT.
Still I'm sure that has put Gita and the girls in their place, hope they sit down and shut up , else they will be called Islamaphobic. That should silence debate as usual.

The left really has lost the plot. I would rather stand with 'nutty' women than religious men and their apologists anyday.

Secular women, pah , nutty the lot of them.