Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wait for the revolution, babe

I suppose my own reasons for setting up this blog are similar to Stroppybird. My political knowledge and experiences come from the revolutionary left and Trotskyism. Being both a socialist and feminist are connected. You cannot have one without the other.

Well, that is my view and unfortunately not a view shared by many on the Left. Women's liberation and liberation politics overall have fallen by the political wayside as these demands are seen as an add on at the end of the programme. Something which can easily be ditched at the end of the day. Demands which are expendable.

Are we to wait for the glorious revolution to be finally liberated (when they have finally got to us in the pecking order)..?

Well not me comrade, I am all for fighting oppression in the here and now and demanding that all liberation is integral in the fight for socialism.

That really sums up my "line" on things and I hope that this blog serves as a springboard for debates around ...whatever takes our fancy.

Goodnight, as it is way past my bedtime.