Thursday, June 01, 2006

Catherine Bennett on the average male blogger

"Men used to go fishing when they wanted to get away from the wife and swap smutty jokes. Now they take up blogging".

I am not a fan usually of Catherine Bennett but I think she hits the nail on the head when it comes describing your average male blogger. She points out the low opinion of women which exists on many blogs including the Guardian's own Comment is free site. I mean, take a random look at the blogs such as Harry's Place, Guido and I am also including leftie blogs as well, where feminism has passed them by. As far as these specimens of the male sex are concerned, it is all about totty, whether she shaves her legs and that women really, you know, really want to stay at home and have kids. Quite.

And they wonder why women rarely comment on these testosterone charged blogs. I imagine these blogsites as cyberpubs. And don't get me started on the defensive behaviour you receive when you actually criticise the rampant sexism on some of these sites....

I get bored by these ideas of women and frankly demoralised. Some of the "jokes" and "comments" remind me of the 1970s and which therefore should be consigned to the dustbin of sexist history.

Think about it chaps, it just aint clever or.... funny!