Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stroppyblog - "Euston Manifesto Free Zone"

Tomorrow is the launch for the Euston Manifesto, an event eagerly awaited in the virtual world of political blogs. All the leftie men who sit in front of their laptops can emerge to continue their arguments in the real world (well relatively real ) . Afterwards I am sure the debate will continue back at the blogs with much point scoring and political insults. I use the term leftie loosely of course . I realise there is much debate about what is left, what is right and is the EM left, neo liberal or neo con and is that a bad thing..... Oh my head is starting to hurt .

Personally the more I read on the blogs about the EM the more I lose the will to live. So if anyone else out there in blog world wants to escape then I can guarantee that this will be a EM Free Zone for the following few days . Oh the power, it feels like 1980s in Lambeth all over again. Perhaps I can fly a virtual flag . I reserve the right of course to change my mind if something inspiring emerges.

I'm not going to the event. I think even watching paint dry (which is not to dissimilar to listening to old male lefties argue) might hold more appeal. I'm off to hear Christopher Hitchens talk at the Brighton Festival.