Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'Hip' politicians

Why do they do it. We have Cameron cycling around , talking about happiness and cadging tickets to party with the Beckhams . Now Brown has given an interview to New Woman magazine, reported on the BBC news page.

He references Rabbits and 'Sex and the City' , talks about 'Team Jolie' , gets coy about his underpants and says his wife thinks George Clooney should play him in a film. Interspersed is some talk of the concept of Britishness and the role of fathers in their children's lives. So a little policy amongst the respinning of the dour sensible image.

It gets worse when he says whats on his i-pod (de rigueur for any aspiring trendy leader). Coldplay , bland and annoying but could live with. But James Blunt. Arghhh.

So sod the politics, which are BlairMk2 , his musical taste should disqualify him from the leadership campaign. Now I wonder what John Reid listens to.......