Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'conservative' left

Following on from my last post I thought I would just throw in some thoughts for the left.

The left seems to be moving backwards on issues of sexism and homophobia, dropping principles whenever it seems expedient.

For me it seems that a world with the left in charge would still be 'conservative' in the social policy sense . Sorry but i'm not convinced discrimination would suddenly go away .

But its more than just an absence of discrimination, its about reassessing gender roles and the concept of families, about the fundamental structures in society. Whats so special about families and marriage? Many people today do not live in conventional families but have networks of friends. Their way of life is as valid . There is support and friendship that is based on choice, not by birth.

So perhaps we could have a world where no one really cared what MPs did in their private life as long as it was consensual. A non judgemental world.
Of course if people chose to live conventional lives they would not be judged, as they often judge today. If someone was religious that would be their choice, as long as they did not impose its rules on others.

The chances of the left really challenging their own views, and how they act, of course is highly unlikely at the moment.