Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More than just a bad hair day

I have to admit as someone who canvassed for Tatchell in Bermondsey I was pleased to see Hughes lose the Lib dem leadership election. Part of me felt concerned that the Lib Dems (and the public in general) still expect their leaders to be nice heterosexual family men and women. The other part was glad that Hughes received a taste of his own medicine, having gained all those years back from the homophobic abuse heaped on Tatchell, whilst he remained firmly in the closet.

Oaten , the other 'outed' Lib Dem, was silly to talk about hair loss. As well as setting himself up for being a laughing stock, it avoided the real issue as to whether he is gay/bisexual and why many in politics still feel the need to hide behind the family facade.

I have no problem with critiicising the Lib Dems for hypocrisy around gay rights, but I do have with the barely hidden homophobic schoolboy 'jokes' about Mark Oaten. A recent example is the caption competition on Guido. Of course this blog does not set itself up as being enlightened . Its commentators proudly act as schoolboys giggling at gay men, rating the attractiveness of women MPs and such like. But similar jokes are heard on the left as well.

Of course there are out lesbian and gay MPs, but still many hide their real sexuality. For all the scaremongering amongst the world of the Daily Mail all main political parties present and promote a heterosexual family image. Cuddly Cameron shows off his new baby, Blair talks about 'hard working families' and of course we have SM queen Ruth who will be the Govts Equalities representative.