Saturday, June 03, 2006

Male leftie bloggers............

Over the last few days there has been lots of talk on the blogosphere about sexism and male leftie bloggers (MLBs) . We at Stroppyblog have been critical of the level of debate , and attitudes to, women/LGBT and equality issues on the blogs and the left in general.

As a joke, on the 'Catherine Bennett on the average male blogger ' post I suggested star ratings , naming and shaming, taking over failing blogs and Stroppyblog gold stars for posts/MLBs on these issues. AN and Jim Jay encouraged these ideas , and I really don't need encouraging ! Jim suggested a Stroppyblog approved logo of a woman patting a boys head.

Not sure if we will be actually allowed to take over 'failing' blogs !! It would be good though to highlight posts on MLBs that take the issues on board, as well as the occasional highlighting of some of the worst elements (wanker of the week perhaps !). One thing we won't be doing is worrying about what time someone posts a blog or whether they talk about music!! So Paul, keep up the late night/early morning music posts .

We would also welcome guest posts here. Ed has offered to write one on the issues for the left and feminism from a 'straight pro-feminist male (SPFMs) ' perspective .

So to start this off, a mention of two MLBs and SPFMs (Eds term which we have pinched) :

Ed for his post on women newsreaders
AN for his post on sex workers

Oh and mustn't forget Paul . He has kindly offered to cook, clean and scrub showers for us . This offer is also open to the right woman , who must be dressed in a rubber catsuit .No, Im not making it up! Think we will need a whole new category for you Paul.

So suggestions please for blogs, posters, awards, logos ...........