Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Parliament tonight

Apologies to Marsha Jane for not posting something on 6-degrees of Trotskyism tonight, which I know she was looking forward to. But instead I was freezing my bollocks off (figuratively speaking) protesting outside Parliament 'cos of the debate and vote tonight about Iraq. I was there from 5.30pm until a little after 7.30pm. It was a low turnout of around 100-150 people. Loads of Students, few SWPers, smattering of indie lefties, 2 WRPers and I really wanna say "and a partridge in a pear tree!"(and I recognised some of them).

Anyway, it was kinda lacklustre and uninspiring but I was gonna wait damnit until the vote was announced. Highlights of the evening includes seeing a large lorry carrying caravans (oh my, Margaret Beckett, which one will you choose) stopping at a red light and a ministerial car with a police escort driving into Parliament (well, I hope the next escort Blair gets is one driving him to Belmarsh prison). There was lots of the Filth lurking around and when the vote was coming through more Filth appeared out of nowhere (well it is Halloween) probably to keep an eye on people as there was lots of anger due to the MPs who voted against. I left then and others did as well but there were still a core of protesters.

I dunno but I did think it may have been a good time to have burnt the flag of the Butchers Apron along with the Stars and Stripes before they turn it into a specific criminal offence.

Overall it was disappointing but even worse was the MPs who voted with New Labour! As the crowd collectively shouted, "Shame on you!"

Btw: pic was taken from my mobile phone.