Thursday, October 26, 2006

All trade unionists are commies....

More from the greedy world of capitalist bastards….

266 GMB members at JJB Sports warehouse in Wigan will hold two days of strike action 31st October and 2nd November. Talks between the GMB and David Whelan, who happens to be the group’s biggest shareholder, broke down after he said the pay system the GMB were going for was the equivalent of communism! You can just imagine him spluttering that, can't you. Suffering from a dose of apoplexy as well, no doubt (probably needs a holiday to recover).

Mon Dieu! A workers wage? Well, not on old Whelan’s watch. Tom Knight, the group’s Chief Executive was originally in negotiations with the GMB but Whelan stepped in and said no to the proposals, which would have increased the basic wage, and given all workers access to a bonus scheme.

David Whelan is currently out of the country on holiday in Barbados (see I was right, he did need a holiday) for 3 weeks so talks cannot continue. This is the man who is worth £290 million (according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2005). Hey Dave, you could easily afford to send the 266 workers on holiday to Barbados. Or even, perish the thought, a living wage....!!
I mean, how many of them can afford a proper holiday on the miniscule wages they are on at the moment?

Viva la Communism!