Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bloggies unmasked ...

Sorry for the delay in writing about drinks and bloggies after the McDonnell meeting. The last week has been a whirl of socialising with all those weird lefties who pop over to Stroppyblog. This will now be my 'Heat' style post on who I met this week.

Starting with the McDonnell meeting. I thought there might be some bloggies at the meeting , so I peered about to see if I could guess who they were . We really should have little name tags saying who were are and our blog. John Angliss came up to us as he recognised Osler from his media tarting on TV. John looks very different from his blog pic as he has a big bushy beard. As well as hating ponytails on men I also hate beards and was planning to add them to the people we would shoot come the revolution. I think though we will spare John as he is quite a sweetie.

I had a chat with David Broder. As people may remember I have linked to some of his posts here as he talks sense about women,LGBT issues and the left. I learnt from David that Volty, and the 'delectable' Jim D , had met their heroine Yvonne Ridley. Wonder why they kept that quiet. I explained to David that Volty has a shrine to her, complete with life size cardboard cut out.

Good to say hello to Janine, sorry I didn't get a chance to talk more. Happy belated 40th birthday for Saturday. Its not that bad being over 40 :-)
I did feel old though when I gave a 'history' lesson to John on the Bermondsey by-election and realised he hadn't yet been born .

The 'highlight' of the night was getting drunk with the puritanical one, Paddy. He seemed to be under the impression that Stroppy was a made up personality. Dave put him straight there, that I am the same in real life. Paddy asked me not to be horrible. I did my best and only called him a fuckwit once.
If I had known Paddy was there I would have been more immodest and worn my ripped fishnets and DMs...
Louise and I have an open invitation to go for a walk in a cemetery with him. Hmmm, think I'll pass on that, unless Lenny comes along.

Thursday night and more bloggies in pubs. Dave, Louise and I met up with Paul 'catsuits' Anderson and some of his mates (Padraig from New Humanist, Declan , Kevin and Lady M.)
What I worked out from that night, surrounded by journos, was that men go into that line of work in order to gossip. As lady M put it

I learned more about who works where, who knows whom and who's shagged whom than I ever expected - or indeed wanted - to know.

I know we have a reputation for lowering the tone, but this time we were trumped by Osler, but best not go there. Suffice to say many left the pub that night a little traumatised .

Not all were not such anoraks when it came to blogs and did wonder why we would want to post and comment at all times of the day and night. It is addictive. It can also ruin reputations. Paul had some explaining to do when one of his students came across the post and comments on his blog where he offered to be our houseboy and clean our showers if we dressed up in catsuits. As Padraig put it, you do realise the blogs are a public forum. So apologies to Paul . He is a serious political journalist and was lead astray by the stroppybloggers.

Saturday the plan was for Louise and I to go to a bit of the Feminist Fightback conference and then pop over to the Women against Fundamentalism meeting. Best laid plans and all that. We met Volty for coffee first. He was a very bad influence. We ended up there for three hours . Every now and then we said perhaps we should go. But it was nice in the sun, then it rained so we had to stay and then we were hungry. Eventually we got to the WAF meeting. Louise is going to report on that.

This left us with time to catch the end of FF but instead Volty made us go to a pub. We did make the last 20 mins of FF, walking in like naughty schoolkids who had been bunking off. But it did give me the opportunity to say hi to Mike (described to me as a sort of lefty Stephen Fry type) and Kit. Didn't get a chance to talk much and sorry for forgetting to bring along the fishnets for you to wear.

The biggest disappointment was not seeing Jim D. For a while myself and Louise became 'unmanageable'. Volty did his best to cheer us with tales of Denham, including his infamous phone call to Radio Galloway. If anyone has gorgeous George's mobile please let us know. It will be safe in the hands of Jim:-)
I have this image of Jim as a sort of Father Jack character, sitting there with his drink shouting Galloway...Ridley...SWP... and swearing and throwing things at the computer.
But the sweet thing is the names JimD has given his poodles. The two he breeds from are called Yvonne Ridley and George Galloway. At least thats what Volty told me :-)

Look forward to the drinks in January ...