Thursday, July 13, 2006

Decadent degenerate badly behaved women in fishnets....

Louise and I have been rampaging gleefully all over Osler's blog and caused some offence in the more puritanical sections of the left.

Honest, we did not start the debate about the corrupting , decadent and degenerate pleasures of the West such as fishnets stockings. Apparently we need to be aware that in a few years time there will be a moral backlash against such bourgeois behaviour as 'ladies' showing their ankles and having a sweet sherry . The way forward for the left is modesty . Sounds boring to me !

Generally the view in some quarters is that we are decadent tarts who are provincial and stupid and cannot be taken seriously because we dress immodestly and thus cause offence. We are roaming unchaperoned through the blogs , let free from our padded cells and shrieking.

What about the offence to me? Telling me how to behave, dress and judging me. It just makes me want to shock even more.

As I have said before socialism does not have to be hairshirt and dreary.
I do not fit in with a certain rosey view of the working class (and that is my background).
I am not a dutiful wife, homemaker, I don't have babies dangling on my arms, I can't cook, cleaning bores me . I am not always responsible or sensible. I like to behave badly and have fun. Oh and that might include fishnet stockings, champagne and decadent hotel rooms ( in my socialist world cheaply available to all !!). I do still consider myself a socialist and a feminist!

Decadence for all !

Link from Will in response to this debate