Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tessa Jowell's hubby facing fraud trial...

I like the word schadenfreude. While surfing the web this sunny afternoon I came across this article which made me choke my on decaf tea due to laughing too much. Ha! David Mills is facing a fraud trial. The poor beleagured dumped hubby of Ms Jowell will face trial with 14 other people. He's alleged to have set up offshore firms that helped Berlusconi's media company avoid tax liability on TV rights. He will stand trial on charges of embezzlement and tax fraud. Berlusconi is also accused of paying Mills £350,000 for not revealing details of his media empire in two court cases.

But of what of his ex-other half, Tessa Jowell? Well, she seems to be keeping schtum. I mean, this is the woman who argued that her hubbie dealt with the family finances and being the "little lady" money issues obviously put too much strain on her delicate female brain that she knew little about them. And that she co-signed the mortgage in good faith.

Wouldn't ya wanna know where the cash came from which paid the mortgage off? But Tessa has cut him loose because her career is far more important and you don't want to be associated with someone with a court case hanging over them, do you now?