Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New male leftie blog !!

Since doing this blog I have found out that the blogosphere operates in much the way the left does generally. There are little groups and spats all over the place .
Like the left in the 'real' world we also spend as much time fighting others on the left as those on the right. As well as spats we also have our 'virtual mates'. Here at Stroppyblog we like the Socialist Unity site.

I noticed today that one of them has ventured into the big bad world of blogs all by himself and set up his own site. So to start him off , here is some publicity and a link to Daily(maybe) , Jim Jays site !! He has a rather nice pic of a cat that looks like Hitler. Wonder if this could be a trend, cats that look like historical or current political figures .

Jim, sorry for pinching the cat pic, didn't know what else to put up to illustrate the post :-)