Thursday, June 29, 2006

Science Fiction: the Geek in me

Ok, I admit it, hand on heart, I am a Sci-Fi Geek. Feel much, much better already sharing that nugget of exciting information (can’t see anyone in the back row agreeing with me so will just ignore their giggles!) I don’t go to those conventions … I not that sad… yet! Though I know people who do and dress up as Captain Kirk or as a member of the Borg Collective from Star Trek Voyager (“resistance is futile…." "You will sell hundreds of trot papers…”!!)

So was pleased to see a gang of Scottish Trekkies indulging in a bit of amateur dramatics by making a tribute film to Star Trek: Enterprise, which was cancelled on American telly in May 2005. The crew met through Dundee’s Star Trek Club, Sector 001 and well, it started with a camcorder, sticky back plastic, shoestring budget and a script. Hey presto, the final edit is taking place and the film should be ready by the end of the year and will be free to download. Can’t wait!

Maybe someone will make a tribute to Buffy or to Angel because I never liked the way they ended the series. I would also love to re-make Space 1999. But also UFO because of the fashion (silver clothes and purple hair... you can appreciate it without dropping acid), lame acting, 60s psychedelic music (yeah, groovy baby!) and the wonderful Gerry and Sylvia Anderson team created the programmes, which is too good an opportunity to miss. It was the Crossroads of the sci-fi world.

...Maybe some amateur Dr Who thrown in the mix as well (can I play a Cyberwoman please?).

Ah, but must keep the Sci-Fi geek in me in check. If anyone has any other ideas about re-makes etc. they want to share please do. Us Sci-Fi geeks need to stick together (you can indeed remain anonymous).