Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From thought police to virtual punch ups....

I haven't been on the blogs much the last few days. I had a catch up today. I decided to pop over to my favourite blog Feminist First. This was the site that put my comment in the naughty room (sorry recycle bin ) and told me what I was really saying before adding 'strictly no right of reply'. I notice FF must have a bit of time on her hands as she has now opened 'Open Auditions' for the recycle bin.

Now I had been planning a 'naughty room ' of my own on Stroppyblog, where people who annoyed me could be taken to and told off (but not shot). I think perhaps Feminist First may be better at taking the strict disapproving role. In fact her talents are wasted, I can see a whole new career stretching before her. Anyway I thought I might help her quest for bad feminists and men to tell off by giving her request a link. See, I can be sisterly when I try . Or perhaps I just don't like being silenced by women who call themselves feminists.

If you really want to be told off I suggest you don't agree with her, question something she has said or basically espouse a different opinion. Of course to really rattle her cage criticise Andrea (saint) Dworkin and discuss S/M (preferably of the lesbian variety) in a non disapproving tone. Of course you can't go wrong with the old favourites of porn and prostitution.

May still do our own version here. Of course I am not sure the idea of 'strictly no reply' and creating a naughty room will go down to well . After dipping my toe into the thought police territory of rad fem sites I popped by Will's site and the Drink Soaked Poppinjays . Quite a virtual punch up. Definite candidates for Feminist Firsts naughty room. Love to see her tell off Will. I did not see the comments before they were deleted at HP, so can't judge what annoyed Will. I don't spend to much time at HP. Although there are good posts on the issues, I find the comments on women and LGBT issues often range from schoolboy , via dismissive to outright offensive. Very occasionally I can be arsed to comment.

If I had a choice though , I would rather the arguments over at Will's than the thought police at Feminist First and Twisty. And whether they like it or not I am a feminist and a socialist.

I will do a more serious post soon (though there is a serious point here). To much going in the real world to concentrate much at the moment. So griping and sarcasm it is. Apparently I have created a genre of gripcasm - combining griping and sarcasm in one sentence. Don't know why anyone would think that!

FF has taken down her post on 'open auditions' for the naughty room.