Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blair "to change" asbestos ruling

What's this, I say, Tony Blair gone soft? He has said that he is hoping to change a ruling that will stop widows receiving full compensation for their partners deaths from asbestos. Insurers successfully challenged a judgement favouring bereaved families and workers who have contacted mesothelioma at work.

Blair said: "I regret that judgement. I'm looking at the moment to see the best opportunity for us to change it", he told a GMB conference in Blackpool.

Well, we haven't heard what he has up his sleeve but being cynical I cannot imagine it is going to be shockingly radical. I mean, when will there be Corporate Manslaughter legislation? The government has stalled on this for years.

According to Thompsons Solicitors 220 workplace deaths result from mesothelioma in the UK alone. This doesn't include the people injured due to asbestos related illnesses.

And with this law lords ruling, insurers will save tens of millions of pounds annually off the backs of people who have died or are dying of mesothelioma. This absolutely stinks!

Centre for Corporate Accountability