Monday, June 05, 2006

So who would you nominate to be shot, come the revolution.....

In the manner of Big Brother or Pop Idol I thought I would open up comments for who should be lined up against the wall and shot after the overthrow of capitalism.
Before anyone gets all arsey and starts lecturing me about encouraging assassination and terrorism this is a joke ! I am not advocating people being shot under socialism. I am not in favour of the death penalty. In the real world, as opposed to the fantasy land of blogs, I would just think of some strange and unusual torment for them . Customised to the reasons they piss me off in the first place.

So again, this is a joke. I also blame AN for encouraging this.

So I'll start this off, and may add to it later.

James Blunt for being an upper class ex army twit who seems to want to be the musical equivalent of Hugh Grant. His voice is irritating and his songs whiney.

Dido. Arghhh. This is what 'girlies' are supposed to like. Her songs always seem to be playing in women's clothes shops . Drippy.

All people who went fox hunting. Actually won't shoot them, just chase them over fields until they are exhausted. The dogs can then tear at them. See if they still think its sport then !

Obsessive reactionary religious types who lecture people about how they should live their lives, impose their beliefs on others , and pass judgement . Especially the hypocrites. Perhaps not shoot them, just pelt them with stones until they topple from their moral high ground.

Middle aged men who have pony tails. I know, totally superficial, but they are an affront to any sort of style . Oh and men with beer guts who insist on walking aroung town centres without tops on, passing comment on the appearance of women.

The chattering classes who have dinner parties, witter on competitively about house prices, schools , nannies and babies. Especially those who want to downsize and buy a B&B in some remote part of France. Those who witter on about crystal therapy and buy 'authentic ethnic' tat will suffer a longer more painful death than shooting. I'll give that some thought.

Of course I would include racists, sexists, hompohobes, Tories , Melanie Phillips etc . Goes without saying.

Better stop now, hopefully I have caused some offence .

Do please feel free to add your suggestions and rant in the comments !