Monday, June 05, 2006

'tired and irritable' bloggers .....

Saw this report about children and computers and wondered how much might apply to bloggers .....

"A head teacher is taking children's computers and TVs from their bedrooms in an effort to improve behaviour.
Duncan Harper, of New Woodlands School, which deals with pupils excluded from other primary schools in Lewisham, south London, said standards had risen.
Parents gave permission for him to enter their houses after he told them pupils were arriving tired and irritable every morning.
Mr Harper said stopping computer and TV use at night made a "real difference".
Mr Harper said: "When we turn up they are usually absolutely gobsmacked. "

Of course add late night alcohol and daytime blogging ....

"Some four-year-olds threw tantrums in class because they could not communicate in any other way, it found. "

Sounds like some meetings I have been to .