Monday, June 05, 2006

Bloody world cup !

Ok, going to get stroppy.

This is going to be a World Cup free zone. Noticed today the spread of football related posts on some of the MLBs. Some of course wrapped it up in politics, discussing whether it is ideologically correct to adopt an 'anyone but England mentality. ' My one concession to this is yes, but that's because my background is Scottish!

Perhaps a second concession, we could do a 'casualty' count of all those leftie men who get thumped in pubs . Never mind blogging, they are out in the real world, part of the rough and tumble of revolutionary politics. Never mind those who risked their lives or went to prison for what they believed, here at Stroppyblog we should honour those who stood up for their principles and cheered the other side .

Sadly even my second favourite blog (sorry AN and Jim Jay, have to have some loyalty ) has posted on the subject and as such will lose one Stroppyblog star .

Personally sport bores me witless. The prospect of idiotic men, and women, wittering on in the real world and in the media about football for the next few weeks is starting to make my head hurt.
Now my escape from reality, the world of blogs, is getting all footbally.

Not being girlie either, even if the pic is of flower arranging (its called irony ), women are just as bad. No problem with Nick Hornby type lists on music, but no football !!