Monday, June 12, 2006

Tory 'pop idol' ?

Inspired perhaps by the levels of voting by the public as part of reality shows , the Tories have come up with their latest gimmick :

"Every voter in London will be able to have a say in choosing the Conservative candidate to be the capital's mayor.
David Cameron hopes the unique process - involving hustings and then text and phone voting - will boost the Tories' chances in the 2008 election
. "

My first though was , oh good, the chance to vote for the most ridiculous candidate. But the Tories have learnt from reality TV, and the revenue generated, and there will be a 'modest charge' to stop vote rigging. Damm. Of course maximum meddling would have involved the left working together to support the most embarrassing Tory candidate. So that would never have worked then.

Perhaps as well as hustings and texts they can put the candidates in a house for the final week and give them tasks . They could also have a Tory version of Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing or Stars in their eyes.

Of course there is the old fashioned option of having policies. But hey, given the little difference between the Tories and Labour , perhaps who can outdo the other most in the superficial gimmick stakes is the only way to tell them apart. Blair started the spin and image strategy , looks like he is being beaten at his own game.

update 14/6/06

Notice that Stroppyblog is up to date with the news, Harry's Place has only just posted on this .